Innovation Roadmap - We'll co-develop a 3-5 year plan to keep your idea fresh and business thriving.

Industry Evolution - Your industry evolves.  You need to grow with it.  We'll create a plan to stay current and ahead of your competition.

Linking and Leveraging - Constantly seek opportunities for linking your customers' evolvin' needs with new industry technologies.  Leverage your supply network to capitalize on new trends.

GROW your idea

Time to get down to Business.

Patents - Protects your idea itself (e.g., what it does or how it works) and prevents people from doing the same, regardless if they copied you. 

Copyrights - Protects your expression of an idea (software, photos, books) from being copied.

Trademarks - Protects your brand name and equity so your consumers don't get confused by competitors trying to take advantage of you.

Contracts - Confidentiality Agreements and other contracts can protect from those people you work with from stealing your idea.  It happens, even if unintentional.

proTect your idea

It's your idea, keep it that way. 

Industry analysis - What already exists?

Competitive analysis - Who is your competition and what will their response be to you?

Forecast Analysis - What are your costs?  What are your possible profits?

SWOT Analysis - What are your Strengths, Weaknesses?  What Opportunities and Threats exist?

from idea to winning

Assess your Idea

Is your idea a WINNING idea?  

Marketing & Sales - e-Commerce; Search engine optimization; Advertising; Marketing events.  Our experts have led some of the biggest initiatives in the marketplace.

Supply Chain - Receiving and fulfilling customer orders; Managing inventory; Managing logistics and deliveries.  Our Product Supply partners can take care of everything.

Licensing - Let someone else make/sell while you collect a royalty payment.

Business Formation - Create LLC and protect your personal assets from lawsuits

Culture Development - Every company has a culture... good or bad.  If you don't clearly define it upfront, you may not like what develops.  Every winning team has a clear culture and vision.

Talent Development - Whether you need consultants, mentors, employees or mentors, we can help find the right talent in our vast network

Commercialize your Idea

Time to make some money

Produce your Idea

Get your idea to your customers

reinvent your Idea

Continually transform to win

Legal and Business Consulting Services


Prototyping - Software/App mockups; Physical prototypes (3D simulations; fast-protypes).  We have direct access to state-of-the-art designers. 

Software/App Development- Mobile apps; Websites/software. Our IT partners have built winning businesses.

Manufacturing  - We can get your product made and packaged.  Our Product Supply partners can take care of everything.

Sourcing Strategies - We have years of experience analyzing suppliers and creating win-win relationships.  We'll negotiate the best deal for you.